how to install new crosshairs

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to install new crosshairs you may need -Vicetxd
  1. to install new crosshairs open vice txd
  2. hud.txd open at C: \ gta \ models only examples
  3. make sure you've downloaded crosshairs on the site + extract or create your own using a paint
  4. search texture named sitem16, export texture files by right click> export> texture (* bmp)
  5. continue to replace, but his previous copy hud.txd file first if it will not appear that the risk you have to reinstall your vice city
  6. how to replace right-click> replace note: do not select a texture if the name ends like this: m or a
  7. now replace. 1. select an image file which extracts the files sitem16.bmp (not ended like this m, a)
    1. if it has been chosen select, where are the new Crosshair (the name remains the same sitem16 but ended like this m, a)
  8. if it is (no error) is good that means has direplace. vice txd vice cap start your city and select examples of firearms M4
  9. Tada crosshairs have been turned into a new note: if stage 8 and 9 failed to return files hud.txd red and swollen. if you do not backup then there is an error in vice city exepction unhanled you must Re-install your vice city. how to install the crosshairs rocket launcher
  10. 1,2,3,5,6 same stage
  11. phase difference is 4.7 but his name is not sitem16 siterocket
  12. and find the rocket launcher and the target
  13. Tada new crosshairs
untuk instal crosshairs baru mungkin anda butuh -vicetxd
  1. untuk instal crosshairs baru buka vice txd
  2. buka hud.txd di C:\gta\models hanya contoh
  3. pastikan anda sudah download crosshairs di situs + ekstrak atau buat sendiri pake paint
  4. cari tekstur bernama sitem16, ekspor file tekstur dengan cara klik kanan > export > texture (*bmp)
  5. terus replace, tapi sebelumnya copy file hud.txd nya dulu jika tidak akan muncul resiko yaitu anda harus instal ulang vice city anda
  6. cara replace klik kanan > replace catatan : jangan pilih sebagai tekstur jika namanya berakhir seperti ini : m atau a
  7. sekarang replace. 1. pilih file gambar dimana tempat ekstrak file sitem16.bmp (bukan yang berakhir seperti ini m, a)
    1. jika sudah dipilih pilih, dimana crosshair baru berada (nama tetap sama sitem16 tapi yang berakhir seperti ini m, a)
  8. jika sudah (tidak ada error) bagus itu artinya sudah direplace. tutup vice txd start vice city anda dan pilih senjata api contoh M4
  9. tada crosshairs telah berganti menjadi yang baru catatan : jika tahap 8 dan 9 gagal bakup kembali file hud.txd. jika anda tidak backup lalu ada error di vice city unhanled exepction anda harus Re-install vice city anda. cara install crosshairs rocket launcher
  10. tahap 1,2,3,5,6 sama
  11. tahap 4,7 bedanya adalah namanya bukan sitem16 tapi siterocket
  12. dan cari rocket launcher lalu target
  13. tada crosshairs baru



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