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AV Voice Changer allows you to talk into your computers microphone and easy change your voice with one click. The features are below...

Do-it-yourself voice-overs Easily create your own, high quality voiceovers for movie, radio, narration...and more

Loyalty test Make a new online nickname, along with a “nickvoice”, and chat with your spouse...

Fun in chat zone, phone, games... Change, in real time, your voice to female or male for voice chat, phone, online games...

Funny mp3 ringtone maker Layer effect presets and apply to an audio file; you may be surprised with some great results...

Absolute anonymity Disguise your voice completely, use a “nickvoice” to match any online nickname...

Sexier voices, self-confidence Make your voice deeper, higher, sexier.., any way you like it, in voice conferences...

Hollywood-style sound effects Make interesting movie-style sounds with our morphers, 50 effects, hundreds of presets.

Role-playing gadget Hundred of ready-to-use “nickvoices” that match any online nickname and personality...

Home audio recording studio Record chat and phone conversations, capture streaming audio and save in mp3...

Karaoke lover's gizmo Voice quality improver, voice parameter setting, real-time effects, equalizers...

Song remix Change singing voice, apply effects, and save new songs in mp3, wma...and more

Vocal improvement at home Improve your own voice by altering the pitch and timbre, record, and then practice your new and improved voice.

Funny voicemail greetings, messages Alter your voice, add effects, create funny, lovely, sexy, scary...voices

All-in-one audio morphing application Audio morphers, player, recorder, equalizers, effect plug-ins, sound quality improver...it's all in this package.

Humorous celebrity prank calls, parodies Compare and speak, sing like celebrities, or anyone else, celebrity voice samples, similarity analysis...

Voice actor tool View your voice to understand what's going on with your current voices (original and changed voices)


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  • Nano123 avatar
    Nano123 Offline
    Member Joined 6 years ago
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    6 years ago:

    Hi I download this program. so can you tell me how

    to use it in css please ???

  • migmax avatar
    migmax Offline
    Member Joined 7 years ago
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    7 years ago:

    Why the fuck does it has to be a trial!!!!

    How Do I Create A Motto?
  • arnokeuh avatar
    arnokeuh Offline
    110 points Ranked 20913rd
    Member Joined 7 years ago
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    7 years ago:
    Posted by hitman90 Http://rapidshare.com/files/110806686/AV_Voice_Changer_Diamond_Edition_5.0_Full.rar Diamond Edition full :D 1 Virus with my scanner..
    Life is Creation avatar
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    Life is Creation
  • hitman90 avatar
    hitman90 Offline
    Member Joined 8 years ago
    Report post
    7 years ago:


    Diamond Edition full :D

  • crank1234 avatar
    crank1234 Offline
    Member Joined 8 years ago
    Report post
    8 years ago:

    Pros: It works. Cons: It's a trial Improvements: Get the whole thing downloadable.


  • Ross =p avatar
    Ross =p Offline
    Member Joined 9 years ago
    Report post
    8 years ago:

    Pros: it is so messed up


    Banned avatar
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  • --Alex-- avatar
    --Alex-- avatar Offline
    5,077 points Ranked 775th
    Member Joined 9 years ago
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    8 years ago:
    Posted by tw33ty Pros: ilg Cons: klglg Improvements: kjlkj Notes: gjklg

    Stop with the spam. great programe.

    Wizard Of Success avatar
    User Title
    Wizard Of Success
  • Sausagewrinkle avatar
    Sausagewrinkle Offline
    23,449 points Ranked 184th
    Member Joined 9 years ago
    Report post
    9 years ago:

    This is so messed up, dont even download it. you only get a few features and they suck.


    Home from afghanistan avatar
    User Title
    Home from afghanistan
  • Uba-Pook avatar
    Uba-Pook Offline
    6,773 points Ranked 555th
    Member Joined 9 years ago
    Report post
    9 years ago:

    No offense, but DO NOT GET THIS. this sucks i got it and its really annoying lol it takes a while to set everything up so u can use it, an than it isnt even as fun or creative as u thought.


    Uba-Pook avatar
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  • v3x avatar
    v3x Offline
    392 points Ranked 8602nd
    10 medals 1 legendary 1 rare
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    • 2 years a member Medal icon
    • 4 years a member Medal icon
    Member Joined 11 years ago
    Report post
    9 years ago:

    I don't have to use this for the sexy voice ^_^

    women love my deep voice.. they flock to me :D

    haha i dunno i'm tired




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