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Skypaint is a legacy paint tool for viewing, creating & editing 3D, seamless, 360° panoramic images.

Since panoramic images are stored in a warped format it is very difficult to directly paint them and still maintain proper perspective and proportion. SkyPaint allows you work in an undistorted view that is identical to the final production--you select a view of the panorama and SkyPaint unwarps and transfers it to and from your favorite paint program.

Using SkyPaint is simple: start with a pre-defined template or an initial backdrop. Use the arrow buttons in the SkyPaint window to look around 'inside' the backdrop; when you see something you want to change, just press the "Paint This View" icon to transfer control to Photoshop (or almost any of the other popular paint programs). After making changes to that part of the backdrop, use plugin commands to transfer the changes to SkyPaint and either save the panorama or continue editing by selecting and changing another part of the backdrop.

Skypaint works and saves as Cubic type ( 6 image format: FT=Front BK=Back RT=Right LF-Left UP=UP DN=Down ) and Equirectangular  type ( 360 degree panoramic image ).  It can convert between the two as well depending on open and save settings.  User manual is included.

Import Formats:

  • 3D Studio MAX (env and bkg maps)
  • Bryce/Quicktime VR (.bmp)
  • Cubic environments ( Half-Life, Quake 2, tga format)
  • Live Picture (Equirectangular image: Vista CUBE/SPHERE/CYLINDER and Background nodes)
  • Quicktime VR (.bmp)
  • VRML Backgrounds
  • .jpg, .png, .bmp, Targa
Export formats:
  • 3D Studio MAX
  •   (env and bkg maps)
  • Cubic environments ( Half-Life, Quake 2, tga format)
  • Live Picture (Equirectangular image: Vista CUBE/SPHERE/CYLINDER and Background nodes)
  • VRML Backgrounds
  • .jpg, .png, .bmp, Targa

Note: Make sure your paint program is closed before activating "Paint this view..." or else it will fail to receive the image.  Also in photoshop flatten your layers before saving, then close the program to go back to SkyPaint.

Recommended tutorials:
GoldSrc Skyboxes Using Skypaint
Source Engine Skyboxes
Creating Backgrounds For 3D Games (1998 GamaSutra Article)




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