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A tool to modify cars/vehicles in GTA 2. Enjoy.

G T A 2 M O D S ========
========== Car Stat Editor
V1.1 - 12/11/99
By Nick Jones, Kalahad Designs

If you have downloaded the full installation, load up the zip file
( and double-click on the setup.exe This should run
the Car Stat Editor (CSE) installation file. When finished, a CSE link
will appear in the start menu. If you downloaded just an add-on
exe, stick it in your existing CSE directory which will replace some
of the old files. Should be as easy as that :P.

What's it all about?
It's a program that edits the car statistics for GTA2, for example
the Top Speed, Gear Ratios, and Brake Power. CSE is the first in a
full editing suite under the name of GTA2Mods. Development Suite (DS)
is at the heart of GTA2Mods - a front end to launch GTA2Mods programs,
along with a host of other options to edit files in GTA2. I have plans
for a GXT editor in the near future, and a mission editor after but
GTA2Mods programs have also been created by other people. The site is
dovoted to All Things editing - daily news, downloads, features, and
all the latest news of GTA2Mods Development Suite. Make sure you keep
checking back for updates :).

How to use CSE.
Hopefully, it should be pretty easy and self-explanitary to use CSE.
Making sure you make a backup of the NYC.GCI file before you get editing
it. Open it up (Thats the big OPEN button (D'uh - Ed.)) - the files
in YourGTA2Dir\data. Click on the buttons down the side to see the
different statistics, and change the information in the boxes provided
(it's not frigging airoplane safety instructions - Ed.). All the cars
are listed in the dropdown box at the top. You don't have to save after
every car, and you can revert the current car or to the last save if need
be. Click on the statistics button for some interesting info.

Currently, CSE supports

• Full editing of all 83 cars in all 21 criterias.
• Statistics box, with information on the fastests
cars, heaviest cars, most expensive cars etc.
• Revert to last save
• Reload current car stats

It really pisses me off with all the programs that start (and usually
stay) in Beta, so I released CSE as a full release. This means that it
is fully functioning. I have noticed no bugs, but sods law is that there
is a glaringly obvious one, so please send in any reports. Cheers 8O)


New in V1.1
• Support with GTA2Mods Development Suite (1.0)
• Sound Effects
• Other odds and ends here and there

You can email me at either :
or failing that :
The GTA2Mods is :
If you've got ICQ, try : #44780054

Nick "The Cheese Grater" Jones



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