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[PSD] TF2 Class Emblems v4

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Complete set of TF2 class emblem images in a neatly organized Photoshop PSD file.

Note (September 5th 2016) - I am working on a huge v5 update. Stay tuned.

About/Change Log
This is Version 4 of my Team Fortress 2 Class Emblem PSD file. Once again, a lot has changed since Version 3. See the change log below for a list of what was done.

  • I restructured the folder setup completely again! There's even more folders now, but it's still more organized.
  • I also found out that you can choose the color of the Show/Hide Layer icons (the little eye), so I colorized everything! You can see an example of this in one of the screenshots!
  • Added a new fancy main "splash" screen, styled after the "Backpack item" template on the Team Fortress 2 Wiki, which features a list of credits to everyone who contributed to this PSD file!
  • Added a color swatch layer containing color samples for the RED and BLU emblems' emblem color and emblem background color, as well as two special colors for Rebbacus' Administrator/TF2 Civilian and Miss Pauling emblems; the purple emblem color and darker yellow-orange background color of the emblems.
  • Added in the Administrator, TF2 Civilian and Miss Pauling emblems, created by Rebbacus.
  • Added in the Rod of Asclepius emblems, created by Trech.
  • Added in the Slot Token emblems, created by streak1.
  • Added in the Guard Dog emblems, created by me. Credit to Pyanodon for creating the fake Guard Dog update.
  • Added in a third Blank Template emblem, the "Rebbacus Purple" blank template.

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    Key Authors
    Obvious credit is obvious!
    404: User Not Found avatar
    Tool creator
    404: User Not Found avatar
    Created the Random Class emblems, Blank Template emblems, Guard Dog emblems, and did a ton of touchup work on some of the beta emblems.
    Member Joined 7y
    8,464 points Ranked 501st
    16 medals 2 rare
    • Reached 50 subscribers Medal icon
    • 6 years a member Medal icon
    • Sounder of the Month, February 2013 Medal icon
    • Became a Studio Leader Medal icon
    • Reached 1,000 Points Medal icon
    • Reached 2,500 Points Medal icon
    Created the Demopan emblems for the Team Fortress 2 Wiki's April Fools Day 2011 page.
    Created the Sandvich emblems
    Rebbacus Offline
    Member Joined 8y
    486 points Ranked 8594th
    Created the Administrator, TF2 Civilian and Miss Pauling emblems.
    Trech Offline
    Member Joined 5y
    581 points Ranked 7276th
    Created the Rod of Asclepius emblems.
    streak1 Offline
    Member Joined 5y
    1,207 points Ranked 3768th
    Created the Slot Token emblems.
    Special Thanks
    uzikus Offline
    Member Joined 9y
    1,125 points Ranked 4027th
    Uzikus originally had posted two different PSD files containing a bunch of TF2 Class emblems that he had received from Robin Walker. If he didn't upload them and post download links on Facepunch....well this PSD file wouldn't exist today. Thanks Uzikus! :)
    pyanodon Offline
    Member Joined 8y
    Created the Guard Dog fake update page. Sadly, he declined my friend request on Steam so I had to create the Guard Dog emblems using an upscaled version of one of his fake Guard Dog achievements.
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