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Open Source Palette Editor

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Open Source Palette Editor v1.21

1. Product Info

- Src: Delphi 7.0
- Compiled: November 8, 2005, 2:21 PM GMT
- Current version: 1.21
- Authors: Stucuk & Banshee

Open Source Palette Editor is a program that allows modders to edit JASC and C&C palettes (*.pal files). It also allows modders to create custom schemes for faster recolouring operations on OS SHP Builder 3.x and VXLSE III.

2. Product History

Version 1.21
Fixed bugs

Version 1.2
Interface improvements, Fixed bugs, Preview on Gradient, etc

Version 1.1
Fixed bugs, pal pack compatiblity, etc

Version 1.0
First version of the program, basic palette creation tool as well as gradient, cscheme maker and copy colours.

3. Version History

- revisions by Banshee:
- Bug Fix: Gradient last colours are now fixed.
- Bug Fix: Change on the distance in the top paintbox at Copy Colours will no longer affect the bottom one.

- revisions by Banshee:
- Added: Shift End Colour Feature on Gradient and Copy Colours. You are now able to select the end colour if you hold shift when left clicking the palette box.
- Added: Preview on Gradient. You can now preview your gradient result in the Gradient window.
- Bug Fix: Save As now changes the window name.
- Bug Fix: You will no longer see any sign of BS Palette Editor anymore.

- revisions by Banshee & Stucuk:
- Added: Pal Pack compatiblity for .cscheme files for OS SHP Builder 3 and VXLSE III.
- Bug Fix: Whenever the text of the spin edits are null, the program used to crash on certain Operational Systems. It no longer happens.

1.0 (never released)
- revisions by Stucuk:
- Added: New, Open, Save
- Added: Copy Colours, Gradient, Make Scheme file
- Added: .CSCheme Fully Compatibility for VXLSE II 2.x and also compatiblity for OS SHP Builder 3 (not released when this document was written)


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