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My Game Suddenly Crashes Now..?

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Okay so I've been adding mods ever since, but recently my game has been crashing every time when loading 4 player smash.

I recently left Texas to go to vacation in Alabama where there is internet so I decided to bring my Wii U and SD card. I removed all of my recent mods that I installed and it still crashes.

Do you think it has something to do with moving locations? Not like across the street but like to a different state?

Also I just started using MSBT Editor. I thought that was the reason, but after I removed the mods I edited in, it still crashed. Is the MSBT Editor suppose to be in a specific folder cuz it doesn't open after double clicking melee.msbt in sm4shexplorer, only when I open the editor(app).


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    because im not a huge nerd, the only thing i could say is that your save is messed up somehow. try backing up your save on a USB or something of the sort, wiping your smash data on your wii u, and see if that fixes the problem. if that wasnt the issue, you can simply load your backup on your wii u again.
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    As far as I know, the MSBT Editor doesn't directly integrate with Sm4shExplorer (unless someone has written a plugin for it that I missed).
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