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Little Mac slots and UI/Sounds

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Hi there,

I've been spending a while now looking into files related to character slots and have a few questions.

First off, I realize thus far noone has been able to crack how to get single slot sounds for characters with multiple voices. The following is what I've found regarding which files match to which slots:

  • Cloud - Base/01 alternating
  • Corrin - Base/01 alternating
  • Wii Fit Trainer - Base/01 alternating (Female/Male)
  • Robin - Base/01 alternating (Male/Female)
  • Bayonetta - Base (Slots 01-03)/01 (Slots 04+)
  • Olimar - Base (Slots 00-03)/01 (Slots 04+) (Olimar/Alph)
  • Bowser Jr. - Base (Slot 00)/01/02/03/04/05/06/07/Base (Slots 08+)
  • Little Mac - Base (00-07)/01 (08-15)/?

Basically I don't know whether Little Mac sounds follow the same pattern as Bayonetta/Olimar or if it follows its own pattern.

I was wanting to add the recently released Min-Min skins for Little Mac, but without removing any of the original skins. I figured if I shifted all the original skins up by 8 slots, I could make it so Min-Min could have custom name plates and sounds (covering one of Little Mac's sound files while making both sets of his original skins use a single nus3bank).

This begs the question though, how does the game choose default nameplates/sounds for characters added to extra slots? Does it use files not necessarily pointed to in the ui_character_db or does it take whatever the first slot points to?

If the UI default is different than the sound default for slots 16+, then this may be impossible.

Any help would be much appreciated.



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