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Custom Rocket Mod?

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I'm looking for a mod that has separate custom rocket designs for each weapon, and I can't find it. Can somebody give me a link?


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    Ah yes. I was in your position a year ago.
    As far as I can tell, there really is none. It was just an idea
    Even if there was one, it'd probably be broken.
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    No, I can't give you a link, but I know exactly what you are talking about. And I have to disappoint you. Team Fortress 2 does not utilize separate models for rockets that are flying through the air, except for the Air Strike, so without cheating (modifying items_game.txt and hosting the server yourself), the same rocket model would get used for the Rocket Launcher, Original, Direct Hit, Liberty Launcher, Rocket Jumper, Australium Rocket Launcher, etcetera, so if you'd make the Liberty Launcher shoot a rocket specialized for that launcher, the other rocket launchers would also shoot the same Liberty Launcher-themed rockets.

    TL;DR: Besides the Air Strike, all Rocket Launchers use the same rocket model, with no way to differentiate and thus customize them individually.
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    There *was* an old mod that used Elbagast's rocket models in the viewmodel reloads. That mod is dead and lost. I had the files from the mod and with help from a friend (N-Cog, pretty sure he's still active here maybe) I had the actual rockets ripped out of the viewmodel mod and converted into proper rocket projectile models.

    I then did what I've wanted to do for years, and created a SourceMod plugin that adds the rockets in. It's only for if you run a TF2 server though. But for a clientside mod, no, nothing of the sort exists because TF2 isn't programmed to use individual models for each rocket launcher. That's where the plugin comes in, as I manually add the functionality in using item index checks to determine which rocket launcher the player has and then change the rocket model accordingly.

    [TF2] Enhanced Rockets

    N-Cog has also done up some custom rocket models from scratch for the plugin, and I've got a "1.2" update in the works that adds in the rockets seen in this post from the AlliedMods thread.
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