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This is something I should have done a little while ago, but got caught up in trying to mesmerize most of the rules and trying to thank the talented people who have created some of the most incredible mods here.

So, a little late, but...
Greetings, everyone!

After much hesitation and wanting to express my joy for most of the Sm4sh mods here on Gamebanana I got the courage to make an account here and just lurk in the shadows for a little while. I Joined this site on May 18, so I'm still kind of a fresh one but I do hope to learn how to mod better from the skilled users here once I get a better computer/laptop to do so. So far, I've just been trying to not overstep any boundaries, check the rules, offer feedback/assistance to others, made a few music mods, and try to be a small helping hand (which has somehow worked out better than I expected).

Now that I've opened my doors, I hope we will have a friendly and beneficial time together.

Now to go back to cleaning the apartment for pest control tomorrow..



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