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Mods Won't load?

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problem solved
  • turns out to be SDCafiine
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hi guys, yesterday i wanted to play my Smash game modded as usual, but i loaded Homebrew Launcher, then SDCafiine as always, but now it doesnt work, the game is completely unaltered and unchanged, it's the vanilla Smash 4. tried many times by turning off and on My Wii U, lastly i tried with a previous modpack. i have no clue what's going on, finally, i got SDCafiine from App Store in the Wii U Homebrew. if i dont fix this, i'm unable to test my works in progress


  • 10d
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    Is your SD card switched to "Lock"? You should use the actual site SDcafiine instead of the HBL one, it may help. I can't really give you an exact answer on how to fix it. But just see if it's the HBL one that's causing it, or if your SD card is causing it.
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    The folder structure on v1.1 has changed. Get the elf from the pack here:
    I do not require permission.
  • 10d
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    i'll try using my SD backup from months ago, if this doesn't work, i will change the logs
  • 6d
    Have you tried using Loadiine? 
    Also check if your wii u is detecting the SD card at all. 
    Delete the private (screenshots) folder and boot up as normally and the "sd card detected, want to make a picture folder" message should pop up, if it doesnt then the Wii u isnt detecting it. I just blew on the sd card slot to "remove" dust and it worked for me. 
    Give it a try, it won't hurt right? 


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