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Layered portraits?

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I noticed UI is very difficult to make since I have to select around the borders of colours very carefully.
However, all layered Smash 4 portraits are for Photoshop, which I do not have enough money to buy and pay for every month. So I cannot just download and use the current layered ones, since everyone seems to assume all of the people have that kind of money.
Does anyone have these layered portraits for instead of Photoshop?
Note that is not a clickable link, not sure why it's showing as one.


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    There is a simple plugin that will allow to open any photoshop file. Here it is:

    Also, where are those readily available layered portraits of the smash 4 characters? That'd be really useful for me. I already had to make my own for Lucina and Marth and I'd have to kick myself if a quick google search would've done the job for me.
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