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How to move the Mii Fighter's CSS

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Hi, I was wondering if anybody knew how to move the Character Select Screen portrait for the Mii Fighters for Smash 4.

I know how to make them appear separately, and I know the separate IDs for them, but I'm referring to the Mii Fighters as they appear in vanilla Smash and not just Mii Swordsman, Gunner, and Brawler by themselves.

Their ID is 4294967295, Entry 59, and value 10 is already set to 0, but no matter what I try they always appear at the end of the character select screen and it annoys me. Anyway to work this?

Would changing their value 5 slot from 0 to 1, like every other Smash character has, work? I haven't tested it yet.
I have used the Easy CSS Editor but to no avail, I can't fix it.


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