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Half Life 2 hud ingame change

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Hi guys!

I want to modify my source sdk2013 so that i can change the color of my hud (weaponinventory, ammo etc..) from console. Do you have any idea how to do that? Thx.


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    uhhh you don't you actually go to
     clientscheme.txt located in hl2_mod/resources 
    and find a line called.. :
    (BaseSettings)  ------------------> (Don't Worry It's easy to find because it's the first thing you will see)

    you will see everything you need right there.
    And for color settings:


    // base colors

    "Orange""255 176 0 160"

    "OrangeDark""255 176 0 42"

    "OrangeDim""255 176 0 110"

    "OrangeBright""255 176 0 255"

    "LightOrange""188 112 0 128"

    "FadedBGColor""0 0 0 255"

    "OrangeDarker""255 176 0 20"

    "OrangeDarkest""255 176 0 8"

    "Green""28 192 0 140"

    "GreenBright""28 192 0 255"

    "GreenDark""28 192 0 42"

    "Red""192 28 0 140"

    "RedBright""255 28 0 255"

    "RedDark""255 28 0 42"

    "Black""0 0 0 196"

    "TransparentBlack""0 0 0 196"

    "TransparentLightBlack""0 0 0 90"

    "Blank""0 0 0 0"

    "ForTesting""255 0 0 32"

    "ForTesting_Magenta""255 0 255 255"

    "ForTesting_MagentaDim""255 0 255 120"

    Copy these files in a new text file and choose any color from them..

    With respect,

    Gamer Dude
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  • 2mo
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    Thx but I want to change the colors in game from console or from button from whatever but my goal: switching between the HUD colors WITHOUT exiting the game.

    With respect,


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