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Any great HL mod recommendation?

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I got bored of playing Scientist Hunt recently... is there any other great mod that's fun to play? 

As long as it's not some shitty messed up mods and mods with a short story, I'm fine with it.

I need y'all's recommendations, now :)


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    Please note, that i'm not putting them in coolness order. The order is completely random

    Scientist SlaughterHouse - fun mod where you kill scientists in many extraordinary ways. Includes many creative weaponry with lots of fire modes. Not to be confused with shitty SSH Mod Messup

    Paranoia - You will play the role of a russian officer of the secret service. Your first impressions are that this mission will be just like any other, but you really have no idea what nightmares future events have in store for you...
    Great horror mod and total conversion. It's a russian mod, so you'll need to install english subtitles patch

    Point of View - great mod with deep story, where you play as a vortigaunt. Contains many innovations, like lightning bolt attack with health draining, diary system and so on

    Half-Life: The Trap - Welcome to the Trap complex. Here, you will be subjected to numerous tests for dexterity and ingenuity. Please do not try to leave the elevator before it stops… The goal of your mission is to leave the trap and receive an award. Each section will consist of several chambers, in each chamber you will find the portal capable to transfer you into the next chamber. At the end of each section you will receive a subject, without which it is impossible to continue the test. Attention! Your safety is not guaranteed. No one will find you if you are injured or dying, except other testers. Good luck!
    Russian mod, but english version is available. Many players said, that it's "russian version of Portal"

    Absolute Redemption - nice mod, where you play as a Freeman, who needs to save Xen world, using "Telnorps". Maybe not the best single mod, but it definitely worth a try

    Sweet Half-Life - a bit crazy but very creative japanese mod with many interesting ideas. Contains two endings (many morons don't know about that)

    The Puppy's Life - short, but sweet mod with very interesting concept and story

    Poke646 and Poke646: Vendetta - It's 13 months after the incidents at Black Mesa. The Black Mesa Research Facility has been shut down. The nation never got to know anything about the experiments there. The less you know, the less you worry. The government founded a new organisation to handle "alien related topics". They hired the best scientists, technicians and military forces worldwide, its name is Poke646.
    Awesome mod, one of the best total conversions out there! "Must play" for all Halfers

    They Hunger trilogy - The player takes the role of a troubled writer who has gone to a country retreat to work on his next masterpiece. However, the player soon hears news over the radio of 'strange atmospheric phenomena', and his car crashes into a lake after being hit by a lightning bolt...
    One of the best horror mods for Half-Life, all time classic! Every real Halfer already played that!

    USS Darkstar - this mod may look a bit weak now, but it definetly worth a try, because it was one of the first mods for HL, and, as with They Hunger, was innovative for it's time

    Half-Quake trilogy - If you like to die and suffer, this trilogy is for you. Very deep and thoughtful, gloomy, almost horrory mod, which impress by it's good design. It was Greenlited in Steam recently, so you may want to wait for Steam release. >)

    Residual Point and Residual Life - korean mods, which many Halfers considered "specific Half-Life remake". Atmospherly, it resembles Blue Shift and Opposing force. RP was good, but RL is even better, because it's don't contains flaws of RP
    By the way, RP contains many secret passages, as well as two different final battles (many morons don't know about that too). Final version of RL, 1.5, is currently in development

    Hazardous Course 2 - difficult and annoying at first, but very beautiful and impressive at second, this mod really impress by it's level design and script work
    But sadly, "If there are many moving parts, there are greater chance for them to break", and because of it's astounding script work, mod may become very glitchy at times. I've played it without much trouble, but my brother just attracted bugs to the point of total inplayability. I'd recommend you to save a lot

    Half-Rats: A Fever Dream - horror mod in the spirit of oldschool mods, where action is taking place on the wild west. It's sequel, Half-Rats: Parasomnia is currently in development

    There are also some short mods that worth a try:

    The Plague- Quake-like mod with nice level design

    The Gloom - horror remake of "de_storm"

    Somewhere in time - action takes place in the dream. Won 1-st place in "map a dream" contest on TWHL.info

    Someplace Else - mod with little shooting and big story. Prequel to MINERVA: Metastasis for HL2 Ep1

    Hopelessness - Blue Shifty mod where you play as a scientist who is trying to escape from Black Mesa

    Arctic Incident - great mod where action takes place in laboratories somewhere in arctic

    TWHL Tower - collaborative mod made by different TWHL mappers. Different floors of this tower were made by different mappers

    So, here is my short list of mods i've played, and which i can recommend to others. I've played a lot more, but in this list are some of the best mods i've played. I may name a few more if you want, but that's all for this time
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    Duty is the greatest gift!
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    Half-payne might be worth a look

  • 2mo
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    AleKK gave you a lot of cool mods, and I have already tried a few of them.

    About the mods I played, well the best mod for me is Poke646 and the Vendetta. I personally recommend you to take the Anniversary Edition since it's the "last version" of the mod (January if I remember correctly) and so there are bug fixes and all (the two versions are packed so it's cool)...
    Personally, I prefer Poke646 for his level design, the weapons and the "looks" of the mod, but Vendetta was pretty nice too.

    Paranoia was really cool too. But I felt that it took too much time to "begin" and there was not enough "horror" time. But since you already played it, there is no need to tell you why you should try it...

    They Hunger was also pretty nice, but maybe a bit too "unprofessional" because only a few models are used, and some other things may look a bit cheap.
    But after all, it was released at the beginning of 2000s... I was impressed by the level design, where every section is connected and you can just go where you want (more or less).
    And it's not that scary, maybe just the headcrab but the rest is okay.

    Hazardous Course 2 was pretty laggy on my old PC. I can't tell you a lot of things, but about little part I played, it was really really funny, but also really really hard.
    Well, maybe I should give it a try once again now that I've got a new machine !

    Now, I'm not sure it will interest you, but I will give you some horror mods that I liked a lot.

    The first one is Afraid of Monsters. It's kind of famous and really scary (maybe too much jumpscares). I was ashtonished when I knew it was made by a guy of 14. He did a very good job, but some elements may seem a bit cheap again (models or textures). But overall, it's a really nice mod if you like horror games, and it's pretty long (maybe up to 8h). This first mod led the creator to make another one, even greater...

    The next two mods are two short horror mods, but again really nice horror mods : Mistake and Mistake -1.

    Mistake is a short but sweet mod (40min - 1h). It's really intense and it take place in an asylum. However, there are only a few enemies, and the mod focus on the puzzles. There are not so much jumpscares, but the level design and the "staging" is really really nice. The ideas are really good, and I felt that Silent Hill was one of the main inspiration (but also some films... there are posters here and there)...

    Mistake -1 is a prequel to Mistake as it tell the past story of the character you played during Mistake. Once again, level design and "staging" are really good, there are good puzzles, the ideas are really nice and there are not so much enemies/jumpscares. It's also a bit longer than the 1st one, maybe 1h30 or 2h30, I can't remember.
    This mod use the same "engine modification" as Paranoia, so you will see familiar elements.

    These two mods are really really great, and I feel that they didn't received the attention they deserved. Since they are not really long, I hope you may give them a try...

    Then, I must talk of Cry of Fear.
    It's the second mod that the creator of Afraid of Monster made, and it have a lot of improvements on the GoldSrc Engine. About the aesthetic, it's clearly next level.
    This mod is also pretty famous, even more than AoM, but it's also way more scary because the team had a real control on the engine, so it looks like a real game more than a mod.
    Damn, there are so much things to talk about this mod... If you like horror games, well you must try it. This is probably one of the most (if not the the best) scary mod/game on GoldSrc Engine. Once again, Silent Hill's spirit is not really far from there.
    Also, it's totally free and you can find it on Steam as a standalone...
    PS : If you decide to try it, beware of the first jumpscare... I had the luck to watch a video before playing it...

    Well that's a pretty long text. I hope you will try some of them (don't tell me that all I wrote was time wasting haha).
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    If you like horror and how your decisions makes a change in the ending......Afraid of Monsters.

    One of the best IMO ^^
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  • 2mo
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    By the way, totally forgot about Timeline trilogy. It's a mod where you must stop the invasion of time-travelling nazis
    First part of trilogy sucks IMO, second part is good and oldschool-styled, but third part is awesome and "must play"
    Duty is the greatest gift!
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    resident evil cold blood (goldsource mod)

    never play paranoia 2: savior
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    hate me.


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