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Accidentally Duplicated CSS Slots

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I just added a custom nameplate for one of Pit's costume slots and it works perfectly... except that for some reason, Pit now shows up twice on my CSS. No characters are replaced. Everyone is there, but for some reason, Pit appears twice in a row:

I've looked over the ui_character_db.bin several times and I can't tell what the heck I've done wrong here. I also made some edits in melee.msbt, so perhaps that's the problem? I really don't know. I've also got a screenshot of the character_db if it helps:

If someone could help me out, I'd greatly appreciate it. Having two of the same character back-to-back like this is a little annoying.


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    You probably accidentally clicked and dragged one Entry over another, so it copied Pit's files onto the next Entry. It is from the ui_character_db.bin though. I did that before accidentally lol.

    First you need to find out which character you duplicated Pit over. Try checking either the Entry above or below Pit's Entry. Alternatively, just listen to the announcer call in game. Next, take a fresh ui_character_db and just manually copy over the info of the duplicated character, back onto the one that's missing.

    For example:
    - Pit is Entry 25
    - You accidentally messed up Entry 26 by duplicating Entry 25 over it
    - Open a fresh ui_character_db.bin
    - Locate Entry 26 (in the fresh one) and copy over the data to your Entry 26 in your current ui_cjaracter_db

    I'm not sure if there's an easier/faster way but that's what I do.
    ~ Team Mom ~


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