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[Guide] How to Upload/Publish to Greenlight!

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How to Upload/Publish to Greenlight!

Hey, today I am going to teach you how to upload/publish to Greenlight!
Follow these steps.

1. Go into this: and when you are on it, you see this:

2. Then you gonna click on "Submit your product" here:

3. If you can't see it, here:

4. When you are there click on "Submit Concept",

5. When you are there,

6. When you are going to publish and things, you write in the name of the game (you must be the owner of the game, do NOT copy others).

And this Guide was just about how to come to it, and things like that.
Have a great time :)


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    You may want to fix the links you provided, they still contain the steam link filter on them, which is probably because you copied them from your version of the guide on Steam.

    You can also embed images using the little image button  above the text field.
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    shouldn't this be in the tutorials section?
    I don't know what I'm doing


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