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Combine vortigaunt synth

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I'm going back to the half life 2 campaign and I am adding new enemies like the hunter, antlion workers and zombines, I also added a vortigaunt enemy which is part of the combine faction. It uses a model that kind of resembles a combine synth but I'm not quite satisfied with it. 

I noticed that no one so far has tried making a vortigaunt synth model so maybe someone finds it interesting enough and tries to make one, i'll still try making one myself since even though I'm not familiar with modeling and rigging animations and so on I still understand that it's better to try myself than to wait in vain someone else to do it. But it's still interesting to see how other people think a vort synth could look like.


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    Might post that in the ideas section. or concepts.

    My guess is a Combine-ified vort may look not unlike one of those combine-ified humans. 

    Probably will have several implants of traque trache... I don't know the word for it but its that thing they stick in your neck to help you breath after like an accident.... those things.
    Probably be incredibly paler than regular vorts, will likely have perhaps grotesque iron claws sewn into their arms, probably have thier eyeball replaced with combine tech or some similar method of "blinders" used on Stalkers....
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    I think someone created a combine vort for GMod. Another idea of thought is perhaps using the alien grunt instead of the vort synth and changing the armor color to the combine metal color.
    Dang typos.


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