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Facepunch is the Worst

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I migrated here from the worst forum ever, facepunch. Full of elitist dickheads and sticklers who hate anything new. Now, I may not know a lot of the rules, so give me time.
Also, I saw someone say "if you go on facepunch, lurk for a month before posting". That's bullshit.


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    It's safe here.
    probably not but it's likely a lot better.
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    Well Facepunch seems to be more exclusive, exclusive in favor of those who have lots of content under their belt. i.e. producers and private studio users or something.

    Not really as social-oriented as GameBanana is. Facepunch seems more like a very formal place to post projects and private releases of large scale or continuation.

    A place for the bigwigs.

    GameBanana has relatively strict rules, but they're significantly more lenient in presentation than facepunch; a great place for newbies and experts alike.
    Welcome aboard
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    Oversensitive sociopath
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    We are very friendly over here!

    Why the fuck is this thread posted under Garry's Mod category ?! 

    Just kidding. Make sure to read the rules and have a nice stay on here! If you have questions always ask them, there is like someone whos able to answer it.
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    In 4 teh grils.
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    Complicated Inc.
    "I do not know a lot of the rules bla bla"
    "Lurk before posting? That's bullshit."

    This is why you were banned. Why are you complaining?


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