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Mod only came with model.nut file

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So I recently downloaded a skin (the Immortals one for Mario), and I noticed something odd. The download only came with the chr portrait and a model.nut file. I was confused since I am accustomed to receiving packs that have the entire model/attributes ready to go. I decided to go with it, and I replaced the c04 model.nut file with the one I received. Then, I built the mod, and put the SD in my Wii U. The game worked fine, and nothing was abnormal until I tried playing with the skin. The skin turned Mario completely red. I'm not sure what to do from this point. What do I do when the mod only comes with a model.nut file? Please explain :(


  • 2mo
    If it's just a texture hack, a model.nut is adequate. If it turns red, it means it's not texIDfixed to go over any slot. This means that by default that the mod can only go over a certain slot. You can fix this to go over any slot by using the auto masstexid fixer from here. Or you can figure out how to do it manually.
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    That happens to me with the skin of Yoshi brawl I get completely red to see if anyone makes those skins better because the python will not be used
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