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Mods not work in Us console with spanish language

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My console is Us region and when i put my mods in my smash with the console on spanish language and I try to enter to the CSS the game just keep in the loading screen infinitely but if I change the language to English i can use them without Problems.

How I can use my mods without need to change the Language  to English?

Sorry for my bad English


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    Well, it's strange , I have EU console in spanish and it works perfectly, idk if it can work for you , but if you put CSS mods (sprited CSS, Hexagonal CSS) you must put these mods carefully, you need to see if X file is in the data(us_sp) and if it is, put it, if not , DON'T put it, but every single mod you put must be in Data instead of Data(XX_XX)


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