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CSS editor is annoying me

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So while I was playing offline, i was making the old random vs. random , i got crippling deppresion   a mii enemy (the multiman smash one), and it was a good idea to have them in my CSS cuz it was a good idea to have a character with no specials, grabs and shield (excluding the fact that he's unable to carry items) so i went to the CSS Editor (1.3.2), and tried to put them in, but I got an annoying issue, everytime i put a second mii enemy in the enabled section, a character dissapears (Like a Final Smash transformation or DLC character) can someone help me to fix this problem that pisses me off pls >:/ ? BtW, i have osteoporosis all the DLC characters, trust me, and are mii enemys DLCs ? if so... I can say you that the mii enemys aren't DLC cuz they aren't in the eshop.


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    Ok so i managed to know the carácter slots that dissapears is still there. I figured out that because I put unused slots and these 3 are in my CSS as White squares that, if i select one of them , they crash the game. tnx anyway


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