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Taunt sound problem

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hello everyone!

I have problem making my custom sounds for taunts.
I made the files in wav format, after what i put them in [mod folder]/sound/music  which after that is being placed in custom
The effect i have after that is not hearing any sound going while performing the taunt

more info about the sound files:

file 1:
name: cossack_sandvich
how long: 2.26
for which taunt: Kazotsky kick

file 2:
name: mannrobics
how long: 4.36
for which taunt: mannrobics (of course :P)


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    Have you tried booting up Team Fortress 2, starting a "listen" server (one that you host within Team Fortress 2, for example by typing "map [mapname]" in the console), and then looking at the console after the sound should play? You might get an error about why the sound didn't play. (Most likely, your sound is not 11025, 22050, or 44100 hertz.)
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    You sure they're in the right bit rate and the other configurations?
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    this is common [perhaps] error.
    the wav must be just the right hertz.  not too large, not to small.  even the experts make whole platform pack aps and claim that the volume can only amp to 1.0, but we discover that 1.6 works better than 1.0.  it's hit and miss til it works.  wav files may seem perfect, but don't process in the package maker.  you'll need a wav to wav converter [vegas 8 or 10, sound forge, for instance] to get it right.  and bring up the volume from 0.3 to 1.0.  :)  -msi
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    hertz were problem
    thanks alot guys :D


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