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Porting stages blows my head...

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So I was porting this stage over the online training stage  (the one that looks like it's miiverse, but it doesn't) but i came across this big problem , the w├íter is the White background (in melee/brawl, that black void that you could see with an unrestricted camera hack), the two middle platforms are invisible,the stage is too small and some of the background objects are glitched out... pls help me solve this cuz this stage is awesome D:  (over online training cuz, c'mon, who wants 2 miiverses, we have original miiverse, omega miiverse and online miiverse, ok online ''miiverse'' is the training arena from tournaments and for friends mode)


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    are you sure you didnt overwrite the sky model for your stage? i did that once but it can easily be fixed by removing the mod resources from that folder
    may the xd be with you
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    Did you rename the file in the param folder and change the name of objects to match what is in the Online Training Room File
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    I've made everything from the sonicbrawler's vid but i'm just trying ur advice. thank u all in advance
    (P.S.: So i've tried to remove the resources from the online training.. but it just crashes with the classic sound of ''REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE''.)
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    Even if you manage to fix this issue, the stage wouldn't work over the online training room since it doesn't allow for animated collisions. Ergo, the moving platforms won't work properly. It has to be over battlefield, big battlefield, either form of DK64, or regular Temple
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    OmniDrive Incarnate
  • 3mo
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    ok :/, so my final question is... do big battlefield appear in for fun, i mean, big battlefield does appear in for fun? i play this gamemode, so... don't threat me as casual pls >:/
    P.S. Temple appears rarely, battlefield appears sometimes and DK64 is common, so i wont replace any of the aforementioned stages.


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