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Editing Voices w/Hex Editor Error

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I was following xxSonicBrawlerxx/Mizumi video ( on to add voice to specific slots with the hex editor because using the TexIDFix, & MTB Editor tool to change the ID of the voice doesn't work out for me, so I use the Hex Editor to fix that, but most of custom voices it's not allowing me to edit, & I don't know why it's happening, & checking google for a solution isn't working. Could you help me figure this out, & fix this issue...? 


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    Use the command prompt like in the video to change the id. You still need the hex editor to find out what the original one is. Then once you add your custom ID, remember to save before closing the command prompt and drag the files into smash explorer to build the mod. If you tell me what exactly you are doing, I might be able to help you a bit more.


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