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SmashForge Modded skins causing game crash

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I've been trying to make my very first modded skin for smash 4, but, well lets just say 3D texturing is not what I studied in school and I am a complete amateur. I've mostly just been attacking my problems with trial and error.

The skin I'm working on is a Madoka Kaname, from Madoka Magica, themed skin for Lucina (for those of you familiar with the puella magi madoka magica series, sayaka miki would have made more sense but I like Madoka's pink color scheme more).

I downloaded Blender, however I could not use it to open characters like marth or lucina's nut or nud files. I then downloaded SmashForge which seemed more promising. I could easily open the files I needed, material edit, and edit textures. I was able to material edit Lucina's hair without any crashes, but the second I tried to change one texture and tested it out, the game crashes upon loading the character model after initiating a battle. More specifically I just tried changing the symbol on lucina's cape to this

In addition, when I save the NUT file and open it later, about 6 other textures were completely deleted which I then replaced with their default textures. Is there some kind of step I'm missing, or is skin modding just a bit of a pipe dream for someone like me with no real experience.


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    i was having the same issues when i did editing textures what i suggest is that u open smashforge  go to texture open nut editor go to file new nut and open up the model afterwards what i did was i took every texture of the model even if i dont edit  it and extract them from the models nut and re added them to  the new nut  and hash id all them to the corresponding file  it worked for me and save the new as a separate nut  file  then i suggest opening up a new smash forge window  moving the new nut file in place of the old one and move the old one somewhere else in case there is a mess up if u did it right it should be textured right  hope this might help in some way 
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    Thanks for the advice, but I'm still having more or less the same issue as I did before. When I made a new nut file and put in every texture with the appropriate Hash ID, saved it, and reopened it I got this

    I show what the new nut makes lucina look like in the 1st image and the 2nd image is what lucina looks like with the default nut.

    As you can see, my lucina with the new nut Looks glassy and there are these strange shadows appearing all over her model as you can see on the shoulder armor.

    I haven't tried anything to see if it crashes or not, but I don't think anything is different from the last time I tired :(
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    Alright, so just in case anyone else has the same issue as I had, I figured out a way around my problem. It looks like I was relying on SmashForge a bit too much to do the leg work. It should be used merely as a tool to locate and edit textures.

    Instead of using SmashForge to save my textures into my nut file, I can do that myself by injecting my textures into the model.nut using the same injector pack that may be used to edit CSPs. I managed to get it to work that way (granted so far I only succeeded in changing the symbol on Lucina's cape to the soul gem from madoka magica).
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