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Young Link From Ocarina Of Time 3D Model Import

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I wish someone was able to make a model import of Young Link of Toon Link and a voice for him, if they can do model imports from 64, melee and brawl (and other game that have or dont have to do with nintendo) they should be able to make a model import of Young Link of The Legend Of Zelda oot 3D, I know they can cause modder have been here in GAMEBANANA - SINCE 2001 


  • 1mo
    NeoDragoon195 avatar
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    It may not be that easy right now, because model importing is still new and has a lot of limits like model quality limits and some characters can't get model imports.
    I lost to a bunch of losers!
  • 1mo
    Miguel92398 avatar
    Member Joined 4mo
    M-1 was working on Young Link Import. But from what he found, it's kinda hard to do so with 2 extra models from Toon Link and Link.
  • 1mo
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    Yeah, gamebana since 2001

    Smash bros 3ds since 2014.

    Brawl is just impossible
    It has too many polygons
  • 1mo
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    M-1 couldn't fix the textures on his model so IDK what he's going to do about that. The Majora's mask 3d models all seem to have this issue when being imported into smash. I know I had this problem when making Skull kid and the Happy mask salesman. \_(ツ)_/ 
    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • 1mo
    Zelk avatar
    Zelk Offline
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    I already have a voice that could be used with this, but I don't know how likely a model import is. If M-1 can't figure it out, chances are nobody will.


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