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Fileswapping Cosmetics

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I know that you can change the names of weapon files in order to wield any weapon you like, but is it possible to do the same with Cosmetics? 

Not trying to give myself a fake unusual or anything like that, I'm wondering if I could, say, replace the Swagman's Swatter with the Corona Australis? If that is possible, please tell me how you would do it. (Finding the files, what to do with them).


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    Should be possible. Just make sure the .smd and .mdl file(s) are named after what is being replaced.
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    I believe all cosmetic model files are found in models/player/items/(class)

    As for the model names, here's a link for the model names. When you have found it and wanna replace it, just rename the files.



    Hope this helps.
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