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Can someone turn the CZ:DS campaign into mp maps, we already got

Miami heat - cs_miami, canals bug me off, here the path is short, in SP is too long, some medium sized could be better

Fastline - de_fastline, the best out of them, the final boss area and various enlargements would be nice

Downed Pilot - cs_downed, underdetailed. even though the layout is messed it is and feels crammed into a smaller map and makes it sooo confusing 

Truth In Chaos - cs/de_truth, in SP you have the gas puzzle, lazer puzzle and the bars puzzle which made it feel bigger, don't know if adding is good for this one

Thin Ice - cs_thinice (from Asertywny, atleast someone got a good idea),really good, don't mind the different layout, only that it doesn't have the side ship platforms

Motorcade Assault - de_bridge_cz, underdetailed and the mission still has more portions. Layout different from SP, but okay-ish, needs crates for cover

Building Recon - de_vostok, in SP mission has two parts, this is the 2nd, wouldn't mind adding from the 1st

The rest are:

Rise Hard
Lost Cause
Pipe Dream
Secret War
Turn of the Crank

Also I think it would be cool to have maps from "In the Swamps" and "Runway Trains" (Already got de_rubble)


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    It takes a lot of time ,and it's not possible,cuz those maps are high detail and big,so they can't be compiled....
    Salaam Mumbai
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    I actually tried porting recoil to global offensive a few years ago, but lost the map file when my hard drive fried.

    Now I carry two external SSDs and keep my maps on my web server :)

    I'll try again someday.


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