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Where have I been?

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Hello there guys its been quite awhile since i have made a post on here. Probably should of mentioned this eariler but i have decided to hang up the towel on smash 4 modding, i know i never really made too much, the only thing i really released were the Brawl Icons but the PNG files for them. If you want to use that mod, you'll have to import them all yourself into smash, as i no longer have any software for it anymore. Anyways thanks for the support you did give me, and see you maybe someday if i decide to return to the modding community (Maybe for Smash Switch) anyways happy modding guys, one last time gonzalesgaming signing off!


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    3 days ago:
    ...Why did you leave bro...?
    The One Furry Fox Himself
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    8 hours ago:
    Posted by ChibiDaFox

    ...Why did you leave bro...?

    just lost interest also got a new pc and have had so many issues redumping the game i sort of just gave up and been playing melee and pm alot more now a days anyways. Maybe ill return one day idk
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    The King of the Ring!
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    6 hours ago:
    WTF is this a new symptom of teenage ADHD ? Announcing to leave something but in the same sentence implying that you will come back anyways ?


    Is that what you are looking for ?
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    In 4 teh grils.


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Mar 20 2017 @ 9:27pm UTC
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