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Need help with .OL file for Hammer 3.4

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Well the thing is that i am mapping for GOLDSRC engine for a long period of time, but stil i have a problem with OL files.

Well, i'll just go to fact that i downloaded hammer object layout file something_inside.ol which contains prefab(s).

i have problem addig this to hammer, where i can do all the things with .map .rmf, .... ,  but when it comes to .ol it makes a problem.

i tried to go to prefab factory in hammer editor 3.4 and import .ol file, but i just can't   help me  


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    I just was sucessful in importing ol file for one time,and I don't remember how I did
    Btw don't use valve hammer,it has a few bug...instead use new version of  Jack hammer.It has no bug,and it is a lot better in compiling.
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    AFAIK you just put the ol file into hammers prefab folder  hammer editor/prefabs and then it should show up in the drop down list, use the insert original prefab button to avoid any scaling problems


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