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CS 1.6 Hud Problem

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Hello guys,Recently I've been having this kind of issue with my cs 1.6 and I don't know what it is.Incessantly I was trying the past few days to get an answer but I couldn't find any!
The problem with my Cs 1.6 is the Hud of the game
I don't know exactly what happend but the guns(in game when you kill someone),hp,money,headshots,armor ALL look the same as HALF LIFE. If you guys have any ideas or solutions I will be really pleased to know.                             [Cs 1.6 Non Steam]


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    9 days ago:
    have you deleted the cstrike/sprites folder or installed some mods?
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    8 days ago:
    Νο I haven't deleted the folder cstrike/sprites,
    About the mods can you be more specific?
    I have install many Weapon skins and one day I started deleting files from cstrike/sprites like those of zombies ones, skins and generally files that I thought they were useless
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    8 days ago:
    this is a reason, why always need made backups.

    you should re-install CS, or replace sprites folder in to vanilla sprites.
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Date Added
9 days ago
Mar 14 2017 @ 7:41pm UTC
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9 days ago
Mar 14 2017 @ 7:41pm UTC