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Smash 3DS Sfx editing

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Anyone got a link to a simplified tutorial on editing Smash 3ds Sfx?

There are a lot of cool and unique Sfx that are on the Smash Wii u Sounds sections on Gamebanana but when you go to use a majority of them the game tends to break in sound. I'd like to start making 3ds versions of these, that way they'd work on Smash 3ds and we can all enjoy flipping Smash 64 sfx or (What I really wanted to work) SF IV Sfx for Ryu.

A tutorial on how to do this would be much appreciated. Thank you.


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    As far as sounds go, you can actually just use the Wii U's matching tutorials for sounds/voices. 
    It's the exact same format, just with smaller sound-file sizes to accommodate the 3DS's smaller amount of RAM. 
    Located at 0xC800. avatar
    Located at 0xC800.
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    Yeah, a lot of them tend to destroy audio. For example, the "It's Time to D-D-D-Duel" sound made a few characters completely mute and removed a good amount of SEs while certain other ones completely break the game. I would want a guide as well.
    Personally, I prefer the air


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