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Recently a TON of Smash loading screen mods started popping up, nearly immediately they got their own category too. I've seen a lot of these mods say it's easy to make loading screens, but none of them telling you exactly how, can someone tell me, and everyone else who wants to make their own loading screen how to make one?


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    29 days ago:
    Easy method: download someone else's, then use the InjectPack method to change the image, EasyInject, save, put new img-00012.nut file into smash explorer with the other 2 files in the original loading screen file

    Hard method: i use the above method so idk but it involves doing it from scratch
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    29 days ago:
    You could make a request to ask someone to make a tutorial taking you through all the steps. That being said, I have no idea and would back the request.
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    29 days ago:
    the first 1 made is a tutorial/template, and gives u the link to the github page where it started.

    its the one with the slowbro.
    there is also a "Loading screens" section. find it there
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