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Fl| Flatliners Clans, recruiting and League

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Hello guys

we are currently looking for Clans that has 5+ players willing to play friendly match’s against us. We like to play custom maps and have the no bunny hopping rule. Of course we can discuss the rules and maps if you do not like custom maps and rather have a stock map to play on we can do that to.
We will play 2 search and destroy matches 1 map has 14 rounds. Each team will choose 1 map.
If you are interested in some friendly matches you can add me on steam: FL|akchrissi5| 


If you are interested in custom maps and no bunny hopping you can join our league.

As a team:

- You have to choose a custom home map that you will use against the other clans.
- You will play every week against a different clan.
- You have to discuss on the forums against the other clan war arranger which day you want to play.

We have 6 FLGL servers ready to play official match’s on
The clan leader and a war arranger will get permission to change maps on that server. 
You can use that server to play friendly matches against other clans or officials.

As an merc:

If you are already in a clan and can’t join our clan due multi clanning you can still join our league. As a merc you can get asked by any clan in the league if they do not have a 5th guy. Of course the chance of getting to participate in a match is not that high.

Our league site: 
Please read the rules before making an application.

Want to join us? Please go to this site:
Make an account and make an aplication on the forums! 
a microphone

Our teamspeak ip:

Come by and talk to one of our leaders for more information.
Leaders: FL|Ady and FL|Gen 

We are mostly on around 19:00 on teamspeak and if we have a match it will be around 20:30 UK time.


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