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HL:S textures in Hammer?

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Okay, I'm planning on submitting something that isn't a help thread soon, but I still need some help.

So I'm working on like a fully-fledged swep base right now, and in order to compliment it's aesthetic and playstyle, I want to make a fleshed-out firing range/hazard course for demonstration videos and also as content to be released.

So, I know I have to extract the textures from the hl1_pack_dir.vpk, but what exactly is necessary? do I need materials/xeno? materials/environment maps? materials/liquids? or do I just need materials/halflife? I don't want to fuck up Hammer too much.


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    7 months ago:
    You can cherry pick what you want by installing a viewer like VTFEdit or VTFReader, seeing what those textures look like, and extracting the ones you think are appropriate.

    You'll need both a texture and its VMT file associated with it.
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