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L4D2 Decals/Particle effects

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I wanted to ask if anyone knows how to fix a couple of problems I have with editing files for L4D2.
I tried to change the textures/colors for blood decals and for the blood_splatter on-screen effect when you melee a zombie/shoot a zombie near to you. Both have problems if you use edited files.
The blood decals do not work on every textures, only on "props" like cars, tables, signs, stuff like that, but not on walls or floors. On walls and floors it will just display the vanilla texture. Only on certain objects it will show the edited texture/decal. And the blood splatter on-screen effect also has some problems. When you first load a game/map with it enabled it will just look fine, but after you load a new map/game it will be bugged out.
Here, some comparison pictures for the decals and the splatter:

http://orig01.deviantart.net/ef18/f/2016/188/4/2/20160706165438_1_by_sourcedasher-da93eq7.jpg Splatter working

http://orig05.deviantart.net/9aea/f/2016/188/b/a/20160706165847_1_by_sourcedasher-da93er0.jpg Splatter glitched out (does happen with even the vanilla texture if you use it as add-on from the workshop, I tested it)

http://orig12.deviantart.net/363e/f/2016/188/8/2/20160706165354_1_by_sourcedasher-da93ep9.jpg Blood Decal (pre-placed in the level, not from killing a zombie, those are all fine)

http://orig02.deviantart.net/9ef0/f/2016/188/d/b/20160706165923_1_by_sourcedasher-da93ert.jpg Blood decal from killing a zombie, will not work on certain surfaces (mostly works on tables, cars, props, but not walls floors.

Does anyone know how to possibly fix this? I did look at all the settings that the vanilla vtf files use and used the exact same settings when making the new vtf files. Do I maybe need to include the vmt files too for those kind of addons?


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