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Custom Bullet Spread?

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So basically, I'm working on something that I actually plan to release. Right now I'm trying to get purely horizontal bullet spray. None of that fancy TFA "WOAH, PRECALCULATED ACCURACY" shit. I already know that bullet.Spread is a vector value, but if I remove the Y value there's still vertical spray. Can anyone help me?

   -- Bullet properties
function SWEP:ShootBullet( damage, recoil, numbul, cone, bforce, btracer )

	numbul 	= numbul 	or 1
	cone 	= cone 		or 0.01

	local bullet = {}
	bullet.Num 		= numbul
	bullet.Src 		= self.Owner:GetShootPos()
	bullet.Dir 		= self.Owner:GetAimVector()
	bullet.Spread 	= Vector( cone, 0, 0 )
	bullet.Tracer	= 0
	bullet.Force	= bforce
	bullet.Damage	= damage
	self.Owner:FireBullets( bullet )
	if ( self.Owner:IsNPC() ) then return end
		self.Weapon:SendWeaponAnim( ACT_VM_PRIMARYATTACK )
		self.Owner:SetAnimation( PLAYER_ATTACK1 )



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