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OverWatch model Ripping?

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So i downloaded the ninjaripper and im confused as to what i am doing wrong. i cant seem to rip a model and i know people have done so otherwise certain SFM movies wouldn't be possible. if someone is willing to help me figure out why i cant rip the model and do it succesfully. ill take the time to rip them all and upload what i get. (on a side note i do just mean the data in know way am i good at rigging yet)  My reason for doing this is to turn one of my favorite characters into a pepkura file to make a life sized version of him

hope someone helps !


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    On a side note i am trying to rip from the hero gallery is that why this isnt working?

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    Yea it'd be cool to rip the weapons for skins in other games.
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    You can try to use 3DX Ripper, i hope it works
    but the main problem is gamebanana doesn't allow your port to be uploaded here, because Porting Whitelist rules, Overwatch developer aka Blizzard is on Black Area, it mean you cannot port the Overwatch content to Everything like some game mod, skin, and other.
    Dota 2 fanboy


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