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So, recently I have been trying to make L4D2 sound mods and even followed Valve's official guide on how to do so. But I am still getting glitchy sounds, especially reload sounds. So I would like to ask you guys how exactly you do it without any glitches, because I really hate L4D2's sound modding system, help is much needed as I am making a big sound pack.

Valve's tutorial:



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    I used Doktor Haus' sound mod tutorial to get me started. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H0WcF0btSZU

    Generally what you need is to make your sound the exact frequency (say 44100hz, etc), number of audio channels (stereo, mono), length and format (.wav, mp3) of the sound you want to replace.

    I believe you can fudge the length of the sounds a bit, but in general try and keep to the limits. If your sound is short, add silence to match length. It's important to get the other items right, though.

    I use Audacity for my sound editing, I find it more useful than I can actually utilize.

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    Just type:


    In the console, it makes all sound files work perfectly.

    You don't even need to make the sound the original frequency or length as the sound you're replacing.

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