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Dying Light Map Editor Update & Future Plans

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Today Dying Light creators (Techland) published the first of a few big updates to the Dying Light Dev Tools, opening up a lot of new possibilities for modders. We think Dying Light is an awesome game and after chatting to the Devs its clear that once they fully implement their plans there will be huge potential for modding! (Look out for more Dying Light content and maybe some contests coming soon!) The changelog for this update is below: Dev Tools Update #1 Patch Notes - Terrain Editing added (with launcher support for Linux) - Fixed the FX viewer - Attach and Detach functions restored - Disabled Nav Mesh drawing on the minimap - Added envprobes masks - Fixed Workshop description issues - Enabled browsing of textures and meshes - Enabled setting up previews for collections - Fixed varlist-set weather - Various other technical fixes There's also a sneak peek at things to come!



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