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Battlefield 2142 (BF2142) Reclamation Mod allows players to play Battlefield 2142 Online Multiplayer again

Battlefield 2142 (BF2142) Reclamation Mod allows players to play Battlefield 2142 Online Multiplayer again, providing an Alternate Master Server System, as a replacement for the now shutdown GameSpy master server system. It provides ALL UNLOCKS and NEW STATS & RANKING! This is all thanks to the hard work and dedication of the Dethklok Clan. ModDB (Includes instructions): Simple Instructions: Advanced Instructions:


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    This actually interests me. I unfortunately grabbed the game just after GameSpy went down, so I might actually be able to play this. I'll think about re-installing the game to try this out.
    Not as serious as you'd think.
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    Please do consider it. We have up to 30-40 people playing at one time. This is part of a campaign to reunite all the BF2142 players that were scattered to the wind by EA thanks to the shutdown. You can expect more and more to arrive soon.


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