Working on dying light mods.

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Need idea help ploxz.

So working on a quest mod anyone have any other request for mods? Also i think i might be able to add cars to the game so theres that. So i also need mod ideas got any? Also this is in gamebanana since there is no dying light game added yet and i am too lazy to add it.


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    >Also this is in gamebanana since there is no dying light game added yet and i am too lazy to add it.

    Here you go

    EDIT: You should be able to switch this thread over to the Dying Light section now through the edit button. Might have to add a general discussion forum yourself though.
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    Sweet! It would be great to see some Dying Light mods :)

    Haven't played the game yet, so not sure what mods would be good, however it would be great to get some mod tools and tutorials for the game set up.


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