Re-texturing models in Battlefield 2

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Hello everyone, I am going to tell something. How to re-texturing the models in Battlefield 2? For example, I am going to re-texturing the player models.


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    I thought you'll be giving a tut, but I assume your asking how to retexture BF2 player models?
    Try this let & me know if it works. Open BF2 folder(the vanilla)inside the mods folder. Unrar Objects_client. Choose Soldiers/textures and go to the last image file(in DDS). Retexture it with Gimp using DDS Gimp plugin and return everything - always back-up.
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    Klint nailed it.

    I recommend this tutorial by Kysterama of AIX mod fame..

    And I wouldn't worry about crazybump, with Gimp (and probably other software) you can take the OS and just run the normal map feature under filters/map/normal map.
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