tools/toolsblocklight not blocking any light

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this is as interesting problem i am having with the toolsblocklight texture, im using a metal fence texture which is transparent, on the other side following the bars i have made some simple brushwork to block the light so shadows would be cast correctly from the light_spot next to the metal fence texture, but after compile the engine just seems to ignore the toolsblocklight texture i have added on the simple brushwork, i have no idea why but its really starting to annoy the hell out of me. what could cause the engine to ignore the toolsblocklight on compile?


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    > **Posted by Mad Snark**

    followed that, no light is blocked at all no matter how many times i rinse and repeat.
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    Have you set the lightmapping properly?
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    > **Posted by Emnu**
    > Have you set the lightmapping properly?

    i have not tinkered with the light mapping at all, i figured any shadows should be displayed, regardless if lightmapping has been touched or not, since it would have to have a default setting of some kind
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