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Need coding help!

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i know a lot about coding but not gmod coding

I need help with coding and ill understand prob anything you tell me(because i code other things) but i dont know how to code gmod. Anyways i have errors in gmod on startup (shown in picture)


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    Basically you are trying to do something with accessing a table by either reading, storing, using that table value. That's where the problem starts.

    Hence nobody can help you unless you provide the code. It's pretty obvious that you're a newbie at Lua, also scripting and programming in general. :P

    Which makes me believe that you copied the code from somewhere and have no idea how it works or how to use it properly.
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    i have programed for 3 years but not with lua and scripting.

    i also got all my game files from the internet and didn't copy anything but thanks for the feedback though


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