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GameBanana’s Christmas Giveaway! FINISHED!

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FINISHED! Come one, Come all! For a giveaway extravaganza!

Here at GameBanana we think Christmas is the best time of year, and in celebration of that fact we are going to be giving away prizes every day till Christmas! Make sure you come back each day for new prizes!

How to enter



The prizes will be a mixture of GameBanana swag( including stickers, keyrings, ripe and points) and a huge amount of Steam Games! Make sure you check out each day to find out the new prizes.

Mega Prizes

For each contest/mini competition you enter, you will gain 1 ticket (I will keep track of these so don't worry!). At the end of the giveaways (25th of December) I will draw some names from the list of all the ticket holders (if you have 1 ticket you will be in the list once, if you have 10 tickets you will be in the list 10 times) and give away some Mega Prizes as the final giveaway!

So make sure you enter as many of the contests and mini-competitions (even if you don't think you'll win it on the day) to get your tickets for the final draw!


Day 1: IKAP : Unreal Pack!

Day 2: Cheesta Xavier : L4d2!

Day 3: Corvalho : GameBanana Keychain!

Day 4: fanerddu : GameBanana Stickers and Jimmakos : GameBanana Keychain!

Day 5 : GhettoBBunny: CS:GO and having his logo on the site!

Day 6&7 NeoHL and MPD : 2500 points each!

Day 8 : ERIC : Killing Floor!

Day 9 : Unrea1 : PAYDAY™ The Heist!

Day 10 : Poi$on : GameBanana Keychain!

Day 11 : ResidentEvil91 : GameBanana Stickers!

Day 12 : [|[E][L][E][C][T][R][ O][M]A]| : Defcon!

Day 13 & 14 : simple rule 02516 and XFree : 2500 points each!

Day 15 : Squeezit : Just Cause 2!

Day 16 : Unrea1 : Killing Floor!

Day 17 : Rafael De Jongh : All the unlocks and his entry made into a t-shirt!

Day 18 : Deusion : GameBanana Keychain!

Day 19 : Twigzer : Assassin's Creed II!

Day 20 : Win-Zip : Dead Space 2!

Day 21 : Daniel Torralba : PAYDAY™ The Heist!

Day 22 : MaxTheUniqueGamer : Unreal Deal Pack

Day 23 : Kasumi : F.E.A.R. 3

Day 24 : thehappyearthling : Mirror's Edge

Day 25 : Bam Sucks : Unreal Deal Pack

Congratulations to yesterdays winner Bam Sucks who won the Unreal Deal Pack!

Decie has won the THQ Collection!

kerk12 has won the The Hitman Collection!

ThatFacebookGuy has won a copy of Killing Floor!

Rovelle has won a copy of Mirror's Edge!

Haxorfox has won a GameBanana Keychain!

butilka4 has won a GameBanana Keychain!

LANDVOGT has won some GameBanana Stickers!

Pingypoker has won some GameBanana Stickers!

Ascent has won all the GameBanana Unlocks!

ResidentEvil91 has won all the GameBanana Unlocks!



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