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In the last few days i found out why my ping in CS is so high , it's my internet speed .
I surfed the net and i found out that the internet speed average in Europe and USA is 10mb while mine is 2mb .

So i got a very good idea , i change the priority (by opening Task Manager) of hl.exe from Normal to High and the ping will be better !
And if fucking worked , the ping changed from 400-500 to 250-300 ! now the problem is , every 5 seconds i get the fucking CL_flushentitypacket error .
I checked my rate and it's 9999 (it's not high) , i figured out that the PC is now focusing on CS so the PC now is not focusing on the connection , so i changed the program's priority (the program that runs the connection) but i still got nothing .

I know the problem may be complicated but just give me any ideas cuz i'm out of ideas and i'm really confused , i don't know what to do


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    5 years ago:
    no shit, man?
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    5 years ago:
    your connection have a problem or maybe lag,

    Or try in console.

    - rate 3500

    - cl_cmdrate 101

    - cl_rate 16000
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