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i need help.

Hey, well umm ive been trying to play WoW for the last few hours and i noticed at first i was really really laggy, but then it just gets so bad i cant even log into my realm, now i play two realms, i cant get into one (the one i want to play) but i can get into my others where i can log in but i lag and do nothing. so pretty much i can run around cant mount im lagging, i cant log out. But the thing is my internet is working fine, i can get onto firefox/ youtube fine... so is there something wrong with WoW atm?


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    Specify what realm or something, might be just a lag.

    Also, the startpages of jewtube, google and all those might still be in the cache thing, have you tried to watch a jewtube movie?
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    Oceanic realms, nagrand is the one i cant log into at all, but jubei thos i can but cant get anywhere
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    Log into a server that is close to you..or in the same region as you....

    If you don't live in the oceanic area don't create a character there...

    Try to create a character in the European or even the North American server realms.
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    Nah its all good now, i looked on the sites and im not the only one, and i live in australia.


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