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Question on overheating

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My rig is pretty close to bursting in flames

So, a quick question for the people familiar with this kind of stuff I might imagine.

I'm having a problem with my CPU overheating whenever I play. I've only tried Source engine games and Fallout 3 for now since they're all I have installed, but it's the same thing in both

As soon as I get ingame, my CPU temperature just goes soaring up. And I mean way up... The first time I decided to check it it was getting close to 70C (that's 158 fahrenheit) and I don't think it would stop there. Didn't keep playing to find out though. Idle temp is at around 38C (100F)... Measured with Speedfan and some program that came with my motherboard's driver/instruction disc. Both give the same numbers, so I think they're accurate enough.

My question is: Can a fresh termal paste and a new heatsink bring it down to something bareable, or is there something else going on here? Right now I'm using the stock heatsink that came with my processor (AMD 6000+ x2 if that matters).

Oh, and before people ask: Yeah, I've checked for dust, the computer is in a well ventilated area, my fans are spinning, and I've tried taking off the side... I even underclocked my CPU 10% and the results are the same, just with slower heat build up.

Any help appreciated. Budget really isn't an issue for me at this time.



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